Our Identity


The foundation stone was laid in May 2016, and the building of the German Oncology Center (GOC) began. Just 17 months later, the 1st phase was completed. In September 2017 we recruited the initial bulk of our staff, and on October the 30th we were officially licensed, and welcomed our first patients.

At that time, as was very common then, many of them were preparing to travel abroad for medical treatments which were not offered in Cyprus. When we were ready to announce our opening date, they cancelled their arrangements and came to us: The “German Oncology Center”, as it is officially licensed and already established now in a large range of highly specialized treatments and services:

The GOC now employs approximately 250 people, in a modern and echo- friendly building complex spread on a 50.000 sq. meter piece of land, overlooking the city and sea-line of Limassol, in Cyprus.

The Center is still very young, as they say. But it also encapsulates the experience of many a year abroad, combined with the scientific recognition of Professor Nikos Zamboglou, its founder, and most of his medical team which also came on board from other established cancer clinics overseas.


Because it brings to Cyprus, many years of it’s founder’s and most of his medical team’s practice and experience in Germany.

Because the German system, in general but also in medicine, is built on principles like «trustworthiness», «professionalism», «responsibility», «precision», «consistency», «technological excellence» and constant effort to improve.

At the GOC we have already welcomed and accommodated for training, medical practitioners from the Osaka Cancer Institute in Japan, and even from Oncology Clinics in Germany.


This project is funded entirely by private investments, and receives no public subsidies. As a matter of fact, we have contributed more than 1 million euros in improving and upgrading basic works of infrastructure (public roadwork, water and electricity supply networks, etc), for which normally the state is responsible.

As a matter of fact, although the land on which we built our hospital is officially designated as an area of “special development”, the government has not spent cent to attract investments which will bring this “development”.

In our modern and environmentally friendly premises at Agios Athanasios, Limassol, we offer a variety of quality medical services to all who entrust their health in our hands, whether they dwell in Cyprus or abroad. The GOC is fundamentally against any form of discrimination, and is strongly devoted to the principle of equal opportunities at all levels – European, international, and national.

A list of the diagnostic and therapeutic treatments offered at the GOC, are covered fully by the Cyprus General Health System (known as GESY), under certain conditions which are specified in our Patient Care section.


Almost the entire managerial structure of the German Oncology Center is focused around the proper functioning and support of our medical services which are headed by Professor Nikos Zamboglou, who is also its CEO. Mr. Petros Michaelides, who comes from the business sector, is President of the Board of Directors.

All members of staff are excited to offer their best care and services to our patients, and to contribute knowledge and experience for innovative research and educational projects.

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