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The Department carries out the necessary pre-therapeutic tests, full assessment of patients. each and every case and, of course, the accommodation and care of our patients.

It is staffed by experienced and specialized medical personnel, assisted by well -trained nurses.

It includes the Outpatient Clinics, Patient Wards, and Intensive Care.

The Ward is also supported by associate physiotherapists, speech therapists, psychologists and clinical nutritionists.


It consists of physicians with a special interest in infections, diabetes and hepatology. It is also staffed by experienced, highly trained and absolutely dedicated nurses.

There is also a group of scientifically trained professionals who work for or collaborate with the Center, such as physiotherapists, speech therapists, psychologists and clinical nutritionists.

Head of the Department is our Specialist Medical Consultant Sofia Christodoulou, assisted by Specialist Physician Aris Demetrios-Angourides, and a group of young doctors.



The GOC Outpatient Clinics operate on a daily basis.

The patient undergoes clinical and laboratory testing before proceeding to the selected cancer treatments.

Patients’ parallel health problems, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and dyslipidemia are also diagnosed (if they already haven’t), assessed on a personalized basis, and treated accordingly.

The ultimate goal is to achieve optimal therapeutic results.


It is essential for us to offer the best possible healthcare to our patients, in an environment which will make them feel safe and comfortable.

This is very important for a patient who is treated for cancer, and is naturally worried and stressed. That is why we have “copied” a traditional Cypriot home-like sitting room for our patients and their friends and relatives, so that they can enjoy the company of each other and have some refreshments. They can also, directly adjacent to the Wards, “escape” to our ‘most popular Roof Garden in town’, overlooking the whole of Limassol and its wonderful coastline.

The Department also has a specially designed treatment room for the special care needs of neutropenic patients.


The Outpatient Clinics are fully equipped for the proper clinical examination of patients and are located on the ground floor of the Hospital, along with a comfortable waiting area. The Wards are the 2nd floor and have 27.

Each room has all the necessary medical equipment to monitor the patient’s progress. High-tech monitoring devices enhance the nursing procedures. The alertness and right choice of consumables also help in the proper care of seriously ill patients.

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