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This fully equipped and professionally organized department offers care and treatment to patients who have been diagnosed with cancer. We apply modern techniques in chemotherapy, targeted procedures, hormone therapy and immunotherapy.

We use a whole range of chemotherapy regimens for all solid malignant tumors (breast, prostate, lung, colon, etc). Furthermore, we also administer all the latest polychemotherapy regimens for the treatment of hematological malignancies.

The Department’s medical equipment is of advanced technology, which is continuously renewed, updated and meticulously serviced. One of our exclusivities in Cyprus is the use of Scalp Cooling in order to prevent hair loss. This method has proved to being quite effective.

We also carry out blood sampling, transfusions, and hydration techniques. Our Department offers out-patient services for emergencies and first-aid care to patients who might experience side-effects from their chemo, or other cancer treatments.



Chemotherapy is one of many therapeutic methods we can use in our fight against cancer. More specifically, it involves the use of drugs to tackle the disease and to destroy cancer cells. Chemotherapy is used in different ways. Sometimes the drugs are administered singularly, and sometimes in combination, should the specialist doctor decide that this might work better for a specific patient. It could also be used together with radiotherapy and/or surgical procedures, with the aim of getting rid of the cancer totally, and keeping it from coming back. It is often used as a precaution after the surgeon has removed a malignant tumor, so that if there are other cancerous cells which haven’t been located elsewhere in the body through lab tests, maybe the drugs could do the job. In this way there could be a significant reduction of the possibility of some sort of relapse.

Sometimes, Chemotherapy is administered prior to surgery in order to protect the body from any circulating cells and also to reduce the tumor, which makes the operation easier. Finally, it is also administered when the disease is widespread and no other therapeutic method cannot, and in some case should not, be applied.



Our body’s immune system functions as a monitoring system in order to protect us against what it recognizes as foreign substances. For example, when our immune system detects harmful bacteria or a virus in our body, it reacts by producing specific proteins (antibodies) which will attack and destroy the invaders. Our immune system also treats cancer cells as foreign invaders, but due to some system failure it often does not recognize these cells. For years, researchers have been looking for ways to improve the body’s natural defense response to cancer cells.

Therefore, Immunotherapy in effect uses our immune system to attack and destroy cancer cells. It is a type of treatment that aims to modify the activity of the immune system and also to cause changes in the immune response to the tumor. It activates and directs the body’s immune system, to fight the growth of cancer cells.


This treatment is used for hormone-sensitive tumors, such as prostate, breast and endometrial cancer. Hormonotherapy is an anti-cancer treatment that inhibits the secretion of hormones or prevents their action, thus hindering the growth of cancer cells. Hormones are chemicals that are produced by the body’s endocrine glands, they enter the bloodstream and from there reach every organ and tissue in order to do their job.

For example testosterone, which is a hormone, is produced by the testicles and thus “defines” male characteristics such as genital enlargement, deep voice and increased hair growth. The use of hormone therapy to treat cancer is based on the understanding that on the surface of some cancer cells there are receptors for specific hormones, which are necessary for their growth. Tumors that depend on hormones for their growth are called hormone-dependent.


The Medical Oncology Department is directed by Dr. Annett Nicolaou, supported by an exceptional medical team of Medical Oncologists Dr. Anastasios Papadopoulos, Dr. Giorgos Orphanos, Dr. Flora Kyriakou, our Hematologist Dr. Varnavas Constantinou, and Junior Doctor Ioanna Efstathiou.

Our invaluable nursing team, headed by Andri Paraskeva, is staffed by: Ourania Antoniou, Georgia Lofitou, Eleftheria Nikolaidou, Maria Rodosthenous and Andreas Chrysostomou.

Photo: Our patient Melani, who has made a great impact an all of us because of her courage and will-power, is full of pride here having completed a circle of chemotherapy, surrounded by doctors Annett Nicolaou and Anastasios Papadopoulos (in blue uniforms), and members of Medical Oncology nursing and administrative staff.

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