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Andreas Kazamias

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According to the renowned Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget, 1896-1980, “education shapes creative people, even if there are not many, even if the creations of one are smaller than the other. We need the development of inventors, modernizers, not conformists”. The German Oncology Center (GOC) has a special affinity towards the continuing education of our staff and associates (doctors, nurses, pharmacists, clinical dieticians, radiologists, etc.), who determine and deliver the front-line services we offer to our patients. The acquisition and application of knowledge, the development of key skills and abilities, the formation of values based on specific methods and clear goals, all represent the finest and highest objectives which we set at GOC. According to Plutarch, “the mind is not a vessel for filling, but a fire for lighting”.

Affiliation with the European University of Cyprus


A group of postgraduate students from the Applied Clinical Diet & Nutrition course at the European University of Cyprus, during one of their practical seminars at the GOC, with their tutor Emily Agathokleous (Clinical Nutritionist) and our co-ordinator for Educational Programmes Andreas Kazamias.

Based on an agreement with the European University of Cyprus, students in the Department of Medicine are able to undertake their medical training at the German Oncology Center (GOC). All aspects of training are delivered by GOC Medical Staff and Academics in both theoretical as well as applied areas, whilst using equipment and expertise within our well-appointed facilities.

Here, students are able to develop their research under the expert guidance and supervision of the GOC medical, nursing and technology staff.
Furthermore, the Center organises and delivers scientific conferences, training seminars, and lectures aimed at the academic community as well as the public.

The medical training programme covers the broader subject of Clinical Medicine at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The aim of this programme is to familiarize medical students with the basic principles of clinical practice and offer an opportunity to acquire basic clinical skills.

Why collaborate with the European University of Cyprus?

The level at which any Medical Center is able to provide leading-edge services is also defined by its research activity. In addition to monitoring scientific developments, facilitating the Centers’ participation and involvement in world-leading research is crucial.

Moreover, the responsibility of both the wider medical community and of medical scientists are to also enable and foster opportunities for training the next generation of fellow clinicians and medical professionals.

Many years of experience need to be transferred to these young doctors, together with the philosophical underpinnings on how to effectively deal with both disease and sufferers. The important task of shaping and educating the next generation of clinicians and medical professionals is therefore realized through our collaboration with leading Universities such as, the European University of Cyprus.

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