Introducing Ourselves



Our aim is to offer a patient-centered and state of the art medical treatment to each of our patients.

To make this possible a dedicated team of highly specialised Physicians, Physicists, Nurses, Technicians and Pharmacists is at your service. As most of our academic staff was trained abroad (Germany, England and Greece) different educational backgrounds ensure the highest standards in all our diagnostic and therapeutic approaches. The team of the German Oncology Center (GOC) is involved in several national and international research activities in order to offer the newest scientific and technical developments to our patients.

In the following section the lead of the GOC will be introduced to you:

Professor Nikolaos Zamboglou


Founder, CEO and Medical Director of the GOC, Prof. Zamboglou coordinates medical services of all our Departments.


Radiation Oncologist

Konstantinos Ferentinos

Director of our Radiotherapy Department, which includes two Units of External Radiotherapy and Brachytherapy.


Nuclear Medicine Physician

Alexis Vrachimis

Director of Nuclear Medicine. The PET/CD Scan Unit and the Radioactive Isotope Therapy Ward are supervised by him.


Consultant Oncology – Hematology

Annett Nicolaou

Director of Medical Oncology and Hematology, where we offer various methods of chemotherapy, targeted treatments, hormonotherapy and immunotherapy.


Diagnostic and Interventional Radiologist

Cleanthis Ioannides

Director of our Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology Department, which offers a large range of imaging and interventional procedures.


Internal Medicine Physician

Sofia Christododoulou

Director of Internal Medicine, which includes the Outpatient Clinics and the Patient’s Ward.


Medical Physicist

Paul Doolan

General Coordinator of Medical Physics, which collaborates with other departments in developing, designing and implementing diagnostic & therapeutic programs.


Clinical Pharmacist

Marina Markidou

Director of the Pharmacy, which fully covers the pharmaceutical needs of patients and manages the Central Unit of Dissolution of Chemotherapy.



Consultant Oncology

George Fountzilas

A collaboration with Professor Zamboglou that began in 1987 and continues to this day at the GOC, in many research areas.


Radiation Oncologist

Michael Molls

From October 2018 he joined the Team as one of our Specialized Scientific colleagues at the GOC. He too, has come a long way with Professor Zamboglou in Germany.


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