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Eleni Pantehi

Director of the Department of Medical Oncology and Haematology, Dr. Nicolaou, after more than 2 decades of practice in university clinics and hospitals in Germany, came back to Cyprus in 2017 for a new start, a new challenge. At the GOC, Dr. Nicolaou heads the department which carries out a whole spectrum of treatments, i.e. chemotherapy, immunotherapy, hormone therapy, and palliative care, and also sees patients in the Wards and supervises emergencies cases in the Day Care Department.

Our goal and duty here is make our patients well, to offer them the best possible treatment and care, and to and to comfort them when, because of the disease, they might feel unwell or worried.

Here, at Medical Oncology, we apply all modern methods of chemotherapy, targeted therapy, hormone therapy and immunotherapy.

All chemotherapy regimens are applied to every type of solid malignancies.

Furthermore, all modern forms of polychemotherapy are widely used to treat a wide range of haematological malignancies. And at the same time, we offer palliative treatment.

In collaboration with all departments of the Center, our main concern is to offer the best possible care to each patient individually. The treatments, in line with the latest medical advances internationally, are individualized and aim to relieve and treat the patient, according to his/her particular needs at all times and circumstances.

Our staff is always ready and willing to offer support and advice to our patients. Treatments are carried out in a calm and friendly environment, with unobstructed views of the sea and the city of Limassol. Together, we gaze through the window and we see a better tomorrow for all.

Annett Nicolaou
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She was born in Germany, in a village close to Leipzig. She went to school in Cyprus and graduated from the 2nd Lyceum of Kykkos in Paphos.

  • Education
  • Professional Experience
  • Training
  • Scientific Activity
  • Memberships
  • 09/95 – 05/02: MD, Medical School, University of Leipzig, Germany
  • 03/2004: Medical License
  • 06/2010: Certificate of specialty in Internal Medicine
  • 09/2012: Certificate of European Society of Medical Oncology (“ESMO”)
  • 01/2014: Certificate of specialty in Haematology and Medical Oncology
  • 09/2002-06/2010: Attending physician, Department of Internal Medicine, Haematology / Oncology of Charité University Hospital, Campus Virchow, Berlin. Rotations in Nephrology, Cardiology, Intensive Care Unit and Emergency Department
  • 06/2010-09/2011: Residency, Department of Internal Medicine, Haematology – Oncology of Charité University Hospital Berlin, Campus Virchow
  • 10/2011-10/2015: Consultant Medical Oncology and Haematology, Department of Internal Medicine II (Haematology and Medical Oncology), University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein, Campus Kiel (Director Prof. Dr. Dr. med. M. Kneba)
  • 02/2016-09/2017: Consultant Medical Oncology and Hematology,Werner Forssmann Hospital, Eberswalde-Germany (Department of Gastroenterology, Haematology and Medical Oncology; Director Dr. med. B. Hildebrandt)Head of the haematology /oncology ward, Patient care in the haematology /oncology outpatient clinic, Coordinator for development of an Oncology Center, Coordinator for the development of a Palliative Care Unit
  • 10/2017 – Today: Director of the Medical Oncology and Haematology Department at the German Oncology Center, Limassol, Cyprus.

Medical Practice:

  • In Pediatrics Haematology/Oncology and Hepatology/Gastroenterology at the University of Leipzig.
  • In a clinic as a general practitioner in Bavaria.
  • In General Surgery at London’s Central Middlesex Hospital

Practical Training:

  • General Pathology at St. George’s Hospital in Leipzig.
  • Gynecology at the University Clinic of Gynecology at Leipzig.
  • Accident Surgery at the Leipzig University Clinic.
  • Cancer Surgery at Northwestern Memorial Hospital Chicago, USA
  • Seminars for medical students
  • Residency training in haematology and medical oncology
  • Training of nursing staff
  • GCP (Good Clinical Practice) Certificate
  • Supervision of various clinical studies with particular emphasis in Gastro-intestinal-/ Hepatobiliary Tumours and Malignant Lymphoma
  • Participation in international and national Haematology / Oncology conferences
  • Regular participation in Haematology / Oncology training seminars
  • European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO)
  • German Society of Haematology and Medical Oncology (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Hämatologie und Medizinische Onkologie (DGHO)
  • Research Society for Thrombosis and Haemostasiology (Gesellschaft für Thrombose und Hämostaseforschung e. (GTH) Berlin
  • German Medical Association (Aerztekammer Berlin)

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