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A Specialist Nuclear Physician at our Department of Nuclear Medicine, Dr. Ioannis Tsehelidis is in charge of the diagnostic department, together with the Director Alexis Vrachimis. Trained in university clinics in Greece and having worked as a nuclear medicine specialist in Belgium, the high quality of medical staff and infrastructure made him decide to part of the GOC, to serve its vision of excellence and to contribute his best to a field of medicine which applies breakthrough techniques for the first time and exclusively in Cyprus.

Our duty lies in continuous training, with the aim of updating our knowledge and harmonizing our techniques with e international standards and guidelines.

Ioannis Tsechelidis
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  • Professional Experience
  • Medical specialty in Nuclear Medicine, at the Nuclear Medicine Lab of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, Medical School. 2007-2012
  • Nuclear Medicine Physician of the Department of Nuclear Medicine of Erasme U.L.B. University Hospital of Brussels, Belgium, 2013-2017
  • Nuclear Medicine Physician at the Department of Nuclear Medicine of the German Oncology Center, Limassol, Cyprus, since December 2017 (current position). The NM Department at the GOC is an affiliated University Clinic to the European University of Cyprus.

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