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From her early highschool years, Sofia decided to become a doctor and never looked back. Even though her family reacted. She studied Medicine in Larissa, Greece, and got her specialty in Athens. Her strong belief is that pathology “is the most holistic and anthropocentric specialty in Medicine“. Towards the end of 2017, she accepted the offer to join the GOC and head the Department of Internal Medicine. She saw it as a challenge, and wanted to be part of the project right from the beginning.

Until then, having worked in several state hospitals in Greece and Cyprus, I lacked the experience of dealing exclusively with cancer patients.

From my experience so far at the, I felt almost immediately that it’s impossible not to connect more with cancer patient than with any other. A more personal relationship takes over you.

The tumor is not my only focus. A Physician, specialized in Internal Medicine, has to take care of the patient’s other needs as well – those that may not be your main priority when cancer is diagnosed and needs to be treated.

The challenges are many and fascinating. A smile from someone who suffers and could even be in pain, but sees and feels that the battle can be won, is for me an invaluable reward.

Sofia Christodoulou
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Γεννήθηκε στη Λεμεσό το 1979 και αποφοίτησε από το Α’ Λανίτειο Λύκειο. Μετά τις σπουδές και την εξάσκησή της στην Ελλάδα (πάντα επιθυμεί την Αθήνα) και σε άλλες πόλεις της Κύπρου, επανήλθε στη Λεμεσό.

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  • 1997 – 2003: Medical Degree, Larissa Medical School, University of Thessaly, Greece.
  • 2009 – 2016: Doctoral Thesis, PhD, on Modulation of Oxidative Stress in Septic Patients, Medical School of the National Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece.
  • 18/08/2003 – 17/09/2004: Pre-registration Doctor, Pafos General Hospital
  • 02/08/2005 – 08/09/2010: Resident Doctor, Internal Medicine, First Internal Medical Department General Hospital of Athens G. Gennimatas
  • 7/2011 – 3/2012: Research Fellow, Infectious Disease laboratory, Athens University of Medical science, fourth Internal Medicine department
  • 08/09/2010 – 30/06/2011: Medical consultant of internal medicine, First Internal Medical Department General Hospital of Athens G. Gennimatas
  • 7/2011 – 3/2012: Research Fellow, Infectious Disease laboratory, Athens University of Medical science, fourth Internal Medicine department
  • 02/07/2012 – 31/05/2015: Medical consultant of internal medicine, emergency department, Limassol General of Hospital.
  • 01/06/2015 – 31/05/16: Medical consultant of internal medicine Pafos General Hospital.
  • 01/06/2016 – 31/10/17: Medical consultant of internal medicine Larnaca General Hospital.
  • 01/11/2017 – Today: Director of Internal Medicine at the German Oncology Center, Limassol, Cyprus
  • Limassol Medical Association, Cyprus Medical Association
  • Athens Medical Association
  • Hellenic Society for the Study and Control of AIDS
  • Hellenic Society for Infectious Diseases.
  • Hellenic Society for Chemotherapy
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